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​Frequently Asked Questions


Q 1 Why did ACDQ create Net+ ACDQ?

The mission of your association is to defend the economic, social and moral interests of its members. It is aware that technology is becoming increasingly present in dental offices and influencing their operations. That is why the ACDQ believes it is its duty to make available to its members new technology tools and services adapted to the needs and environment of dental offices. Furthermore, the power of a group of dentists allows the ACDQ to negotiate with technology suppliers to obtain the best services at the best cost.


Q 2 Is Net+ ACDQ offering anything new?

Net+ ACDQ lets you safely send confidential data, such as insurer claims, over the Internet; block staff member access to certain Internet sites (Facebook, Twitter, poker sites) without impending access to the sites they need for their work (RAMQ, Post Canada and other sites); send, receive and archive emails with Net+ ACDQ interface and email addresses; enjoy visibility on the Web in little time and without additional fees by creating your Web page; have a tool at your disposal that contains all the information you need to know about drugs and their interactions. Net+ ACDQ also provides dental offices with a Service Centre that effectively answers all of their questions and requests.


Q 3 How will it affect my office if I choose Net+ ACDQ?

Your office must meet the minimum technology standards required (software and hardware) for the installation of the private connection provided by Net+ ACDQ.

The installation of the private network in your office is greatly facilitated (see question 13).


Q 4 Is Net+ ACDQ also going to manage security (firewall, antivirus, etc.) of all of the hardware and software in my office?

No. Net+ ACDQ manages the security of the private network and the services it provides. You are entirely responsible for the security of your own hardware and software.


Q 5 What computer equipment must I have to use Net+ ACDQ services?

Use Windows 2000 or a later version, or Mac OS/x 10.x or a later version

• Satisfy the minimum hardware requirements of the software publishers;

• Use and maintain up-to-date an anti-virus program and an anti-spyware program certified for the versions of the operating system used;

• Use Internet Explorer 7.x, or a more recent version, Mozilla Firefox 2.x, Opera 8.x, Safari 2.x or a more recent version of one of these browsers.


Q 6 Can you explain to me how Net+ ACDQ increases the level of Internet security?

In several ways: through the network security management, through effective tools that make it possible to detect any virus associated with any message passing through the Net+ ACDQ portal, and through the controlled access of Net+ ACDQ portal users.

Furthermore, all software required to manage Net+ ACDQ services and related data are hosted in a fully secure fashion by our partners.


Q 7 How can I be sure that my confidential information will be protected?

In order to ensure the confidentiality of information, Net+ ACDQ is committed to have all members of its personnel sign a confidentiality agreement for all Net+ ACDQ nominative and confidential information to which they have or may have access at some point in their duties. Net+ ACDQ is also committed to take the steps necessary for such a confidentiality agreement to be signed by the personnel of any of its partners or service suppliers who have or may have access to this information while performing the contract.


Q 8 What are the payment methods for Net+ ACDQ services?

Net+ ACDQ services are payable in advance on a monthly basis. At the beginning of the month, Net+ ACDQ sends the office an account statement for Net+ ACDQ services that will be supplied during this month, depending on the demand and information provided by the office. All monthly fees for Net+ ACDQ services are payable by credit card or automatically debited from the office bank account.


Q 9 What additional training will my personnel have to receive to adequately use Net+ ACDQ?

Practically none for all of your personnel. The same transmission modules for transactions through Réseau ACDQ and for billing the RAMQ are used. The Net+ ACDQ portal is most user-friendly, and no training is required. As for the person you designate as “administrator”, he or she will receive a 45-minute training course on how to customize Net+ ACDQ services. He or she will be provided with a document describing the administrative procedures for the creation of users and, if necessary, their email addresses. Of course, our Service Centre will be at his or her disposal to answer any questions related to the use of Net+ ACDQ services.


Q 10 I do not have time to monitor how my employees use the Internet; how can Net+ ACDQ help me?

You decide whether employees have access or not to the Internet and, if so, determine their access level.


Q 11 Will my software supplier have to change his management software and bill me for the additional cost?

Your supplier will only have to replace the communication software used for the transmission of the Réseau ACDQ. We designed this new software so that it reduces to a minimum the time required by your supplier to install it. Moreover, software suppliers have already received this new item in order to be able to install it in time in their dental office management software. That should be done at no cost to you.


Q 12 How will Net+ ACDQ be installed in my office?

After signing the contract with Net+ ACDQ, we will send you the documents with detailed descriptions of the procedure, and the equipment (router) required for installation. We will contact the installer of your choice, who is already familiar with your office, on your behalf. If you don’t have one, we have a list of certified Net+ ACDQ installers in your region. Throughout the process, representatives of the Service Centre will be there to assist you.


Q 13 In concrete terms, how can the Net+ ACDQ Service Centre increase the efficiency of my personnel?

As for the transmission of Réseau ACDQ transactions, the Service Centre representatives will immediately be able to view the electronic path of a transaction on their screen and make a diagnosis. As a result, your personnel will find out on the spot the nature of a problem and, if necessary, the action that must be taken to solve it.

Furthermore, with the help of our partners, we are able to determine exactly where the problem is located in the communication through the private network or a service offered by Net+ ACDQ. We have negotiated high-level services with all those interested in such a way that priority will be given to any request from a Net+ ACDQ member office.


Q 14 You mention that Net+ ACDQ can be adapted to any office environment. Can you give me examples?

The number of dentists, users and computer stations are specific to each office. The Net+ ACDQ private network was designed to be able to be integrated in all types of environments.


Q 15 I have already invested much money in computerizing my office. How much do I have to invest in Net+ ACDQ?

In the case of Net+ ACDQ, there is no investment unless you have to update your computers or software. Net+ ACDQ charges a monthly $26 fee for basic services.


Q 16 Once the contract is signed, how much time will it take to receive the services?

Theoretically, we must contact your installer and plan two visits with him or her: a pre-installation visit to take inventory of your hardware and software and make sure that they comply with the minimum Net+ ACDQ requirements, and a visit to install the private network. Depending on your installer’s and your availability, that can be done in a few weeks.


Q 17 Can a Net+ ACDQ technical advisor come to my office to help or advise me?

Net+ ACDQ representatives will help you and guide you by telephone. Only very specific situations justify the visit of a representative. In these exceptional cases, depending on the type of intervention, fees may be charged.


Q 18 Can I change my options during the contract?

Yes, at any time. The contract is then amended and the invoice reflects the changes from the first day of the following month.


Q 19 I have a Macintosh, can I become a Net+ ACDQ member?

Yes, provided your computer system complies with the minimum requirements.


Q 20 If we have two dental office management software products in the same office, can we become a Net+ ACDQ member with the same private connection?

Yes, you can transmit through the same private Net+ ACDQ network.


Q 21 Is it possible to limit the access of certain employees?

Yes. Depending on the user, you can configure access based on the various functions of Net+ ACDQ.


Q 22 How does access code management work?

Only one access code can be used at a time. For example, if three employees work on the same hours and at the same time on three different computers, three access codes are necessary. If two employees work at different times or do not use the computer simultaneously, one access code can be assigned to both of them; consequently they cannot have access to Net+ ACDQ simultaneously. However, an employee does not have to be connected to the Net+ ACDQ portal to make Réseau ACDQ or RAMQ transactions. Yet, for security reasons, it is recommended that an access code be assigned to each employee-user.


Q 23 Are there fees for electronic transmission to the RAMQ?



Q 24 Is there a contract and a minimum term?

Yes, a contract is sent to the dental office and must be signed by the contracting dentist. The contract covers a period of twelve months and is renewed automatically unless the contracting dentist gives prior notice of cancellation. This minimal term allows Net+ ACDQ to cover a portion of the initial fees for configuring, installing and using the equipment and Net+ ACDQ services.