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About Net+ ACDQ

The Internet network, omnipresent in today’s society, is transforming our personal and professional lives. As a result, new technologies are now shaping the ways dental offices work. By uniting thousands of dentists within Net+ ACDQ, the ACDQ achieves a dual objective: preserving the professional autonomy of dentists and responding fully to their current and future needs in running their offices. The ACDQ was a visionary when it introduced Dentaide in 1984, and it is now in creating Net+ ACDQ.

Net+ ACDQ is a private communications and data transmission network, a management tool for dental offices, a portal that belongs entirely to all the dentists of Quebec. In a fully secure way, it satisfies the current needs of dental offices, such as access control, insurance claims transmission, drug interaction search and a Web page. 


Integrated and personalized services, a single source, and just one place to call: 514 282-1425 (1 800 361-3794).


1. General description

A minimum computer installation allows you to enjoy all Net+ services:

• The security of a private network

• Managed and controlled access to the Internet

• Email service, including a directory of email addresses of all dentists subscribing to Net+ ACDQ

• Transmission of Réseau ACDQ claims, including real-time tracking of transactions and automatic updating of the table of insurers who belong to the network. However, Net+ ACDQ does not replace your management software.

• RX Vigilance, a complete directory of prescription drugs

and drug interactions • Transmission of ACDQ communications

• A personalized Web page to present your services on the Web

• Single source for secure telecom services

• Technical support and Service Center

Moreover, transmission of your billing to the RAMQ is maintained. Finally, if you have a POS terminal or use IP telephony, your transmissions and your calls will not be disrupted.

Net+ ACDQ is also preparing for the future. Other optional services are being considered, some of which may be available shortly, such as:

• Direct deposit of Dentaide payments and electronic transmission of the details of each payment

• Electronic transmission of radiographs to insurers, laboratories and specialists

• Online training programs

• Online backup (reserved for non-computerized offices and offices without management software)

2. Advantages of Net+ ACDQ

If your office is computerized, you will enjoy:

• Simple and consistent implementation of a private network, including controlled Internet access for your staff

• Assistance in using the Internet and the services you have subscribed to

• A single supplier of secure services

• A single Service Centre

• Simplification of the work of your staff

• Strength from the combined force of dentists

• Highly competitive costs